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Welcome to the Website of Morris Power Construction.
We provide construction for various types of commercial power projects, with primary focus on renewable energy with wind turbine technology. In additon to wind farm construction projects, we do smaller wind turbine construction for residental, farms, educational centers, small businesses as well as both large and small corporations, and office park developments.

Morris Power Construction specialize in the field of power construction for wind turbine construction, wind farm construction, power underground duct bank, cable trenching, boring and directional drill as needed for the construction of wind farms and underground power duct banks. Our experience in construction projects is shown throughout the pages of our website. A description of our pages is listed below.

Wind Turbine Construction

Wind turbine construction is a lot more than what meets the eye. The structural concrete for the foundations requires specific aggregates to support the weight and the leverage forces of the wind against the tower and blades.

Another type of concrete is placed over the cables as they are being trenched to the sub-station. This is called FTB, which stands for Fluidized Thermal Backfill and requires a completely different type of aggregates to produce the thermal capability to take heat away from the buried power cables.

FTB (Fluidized Thermal Backfill) is a type of concrete put over buried power cables to dissipate heat. Thermal backfill is most important in wind farm construction as wind speeds increase, wind turbines produce more power. When multiple turbines are attached to the same cables leading back to the substation, heat will increase significantly with wind speed.

To backfill with dirt or sand will not offer any heat dissapating qualities. FTB (Fluidized Thermal Backfill) is carefully blended with specific aggregates that are designed for dissipating heat away from buried power cables. FTB (Fluidized Thermal Backfill) protects buried power cables from overheating during wind surges. FTB (Fluidized Thermal Backfill) dissipates heat and works to prevent power cable burnout.

Wind turbine construction and wind farm construction are imperative in developing our renewable energy resources. Technology continues to improve for electric automobiles and battery recharging stations will soon become as common as gas stations. Wind turbine construction will be required from coast to coast to provide renewable energy for these battery recharging stations. Some battery recharging stations will rely on solar power from solar panels and solar farms.

Both commercial wind turbine construction and residential wind turbine construction are the focus of Morris Power Construction. Our primary business focus is on wind turbine construction and wind farm construction as we move forward in developing our nation's renewable energy.

As an Oklahoma based company, Morris Power Construction is at the home of America's heartland for wind energy. Morris Power Construction was founded on experience gained from working as a contractor on various power transmission construction projects and wind turbine construction projects. Photos taken while working on some of these projects are shown on the pages here of our website.

Gulf Wind

The Gulf Wind project, Phase I, consisted of 118 of the largest wind turbines to be constructed in America, standing 417 feet tall. The wind farm sits on 7,851 acres of the Kenedy Ranch, just south of Sarita, Texas. Four phases of wind turbine construction are planned for the Gulf Wind, wind farm. Each of the turbines can produce about 2.4 megawatts of power. With all 118 turbines spinning, that is enough energy to power 80,000 Texas homes annually. An additional 80 turbines are completed by the end of 2009, producing and additional 200 megawatts of power.

Red Hills Wind Farm

The Red Hills Wind Farm project is located in Northwestern Oklahoma in Roger Mills and Custer counties, near Elk City, Oklahoma. The Red Hills Wind Farm represents ACCIONA's first renewable-energy project in the state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma will come to be recognized for its wind resources as well, as of 2010, Oklahoma ranks in the top 10 U.S. states for wind-energy potential. The surrounding community continues to build on its pioneering spirit through their support of the Red Hills Wind Farm. The Red Hills Wind Farm will deliver enough clean energy to power more than 40,000 U.S. homes.

Woodward Technical Center

Woodward, Oklahoma - High Plains Technical Training Center - We at Morris Power Construction are pleased to have been selected as the contractor to install a wind turbine for the High Plains Technical Training Center in Woodward, Oklahoma. We look forward to a long and lasting relationship with the training center to hopefully accept some of their graduates as part of our growing workforce, either as temporary or part-time employee's to give the graduates some up-close and personal hands-on exposure to wind turbine construction, and perhaps becoming one of our wind power construction employee's or as a wind maintenance employee.

Clearwater 230 KVa Duct Bank

Clearwater, Florida - The part of this project that TJ Morris was involved with, entailed placing two 42-inch steel casings, each of 1,570 feet, and placing bundled eight 8-inch high-density polyethylene conduits under a major intersection. The pipe casing was pulled through a predrilled hole that utilized a directional drill process. Six additional bores were performed utilizing micro-tunneling and conventional jack and bore technology. These procedures allowed the duct bank to be constructed without demolishing the intersection and roadways, or interrupting traffic and to minimize the environmental impact. Grouting was done in a non-stop process, pumping grout inside the 2, 42-inch casings to keep the 230 KVa transmission cables cool.

Bridgeport 345 KV Duct Bank

Bridgeport, Connecticut - Due to the increasing demand in the Southwest Connecticut (SWCT) area, Connecticut Light & Power and the United Illuminating Company (UI) ("the Companies") expanded the 345-kilovolt transmission system into SWCT. The expansion took the form of a 345-kV "loop". The first portion of this loop ran from the Plum Tree Substation in Bethel to Norwalk Substation in Norwalk. The second portion of the loop extended the 345-kV lines from the Middletown Area to Norwalk Substation.

This loop serves to correct the reliability criteria violations of the transmission System and minimized the costs associated with congestion, and helped to better serve the customers.

This underground project for duct bank was a real challenge and crews worked around the clock in shifts from start to finish. Traffic congestion was a constant challenge and just avoiding an accident was constantly on your mind. Nevertheless, it got done and the project completed on schedule.


Our Employment page includes - MPC WIND PROJECT SITE SAFETY RULES

All employees and subcontractor employees must comply with the Wind Project Site Safety Rules. After reading the MPC Wind Project Site Safety Rules, there is a link at the bottom of the page to our online employment application. The application information is sent to us in an email and will be placed on file. We will refer to these applications when hiring new employees.

We take pride in our wind turbine construction projects for both commercial and residential wind turbines. there's a sense of honor in what we do, in seeing our power construction projects completed. It gives us a good feeling when we drive down the road and see the wind farm projects we have been a part of. Whether we are building a commercial wind farm, a business wind turbine or a residential wind turbine, the feeling of pride and accomplishment, at the end of the construction, is the same.

It is our goal to not only to do our work safely, but to do our part as much as we can to bring forward wind energy technology and to be a part of the workforce in harnessing wind energy through the construction of wind turbines across America, with our primary focus on working in our home state of Oklahoma. We also welcome the opportunies in providing our services as a subcontractor to other power construction contractors, and being a team player in wind turbine construction projects.

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